Friday, 14 March 2014

What do I know

What not do I know,
Nothing, nothing, as I kneel before.
Vanity what does it afford me,
Nothing, as I view life's turbulent seas.

Beneath that rugged tree,
The stains that marred,
I struggle, hands to its bark,
Coarse to the very touch.

What do I know,
Living the very life I hate,
Hating the very one I love,
Loving the very one I long,
Waiting for that very day, written in songs......

In the storm

In this world so vast,
Caught within its strangling grip,
Over the horizon, storms that brew,
Terrible to behold, more than we knew.
It rages on, a wrath so deep,
Angry waves form, toss and throw,
Watery fingers that would not let go,
Nowhere to run, but a depth so cold.
Sinking down to the deepest end,
Helpless in everything that I do,
Eyes closed, in my soul, scared,
Yet right there, Hope had been prepared.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Remembrance (photo by Jasmine Foong)

Gazing out do I remember,
The toddler that I was,
A teenager who defied,
That young man conscribed.

Memories of a time gone,
Picturing what had been,
Where had the time flown,
Made up of people I had known.

Awoken from my reverie,
Knowing not where it leads,
Living a life not my own,
Saved by Grace, never alone.