Sunday, 22 December 2013


The Grace, laid in a manger,
A life led for a purpose,
The sacrifice that came after.

Nail scarred hands He had offered,
A life we now walk in earnest
This gift, we did not know we hungered.

A renewed life through forgiveness,
And every year, come near or far,
We honor this day of Christmas.
As our hearts sings out, Hallelujah!!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Testimonial (written together with Jiaxin)

Reflections, of how I had taken God's goodness for granted,

Realizing, I did not deserve His Love and Grace,

Recollecting, a belief that I knew Him well, my pride demanded,

Renewing, my hopes of knowing, once again His embrace,

以前的我,不用加以思考就回答“因为主,所以我… …”。
Remorseful, in my many thoughtless prayers unanswered,

现在的我,想要以我的真心为主做… … 。
Reclaiming, my heart to serve Him in this time and place, 

Recounting, my joy in Him that never lasted,

Reaffirmed, my gratefulness in the lessons I had faced,

Reliving, how I had hidden the very person I became and doubted,

Rekindled, my soul, my shame, my heart to repent in Grace,

Reminded, of the person I was, half-hearted,

Reconnecting, my desire to commit to Christ in glory and praise,

Through it all, to never return to the person I had created,

Moving ever forward, to the day I will meet my Lord face to face.

Friday, 13 December 2013

The Lord, my strength

What not can I grasp with my hand,
Not water nor the winds,
Nor the thoughts or hearts of men.

Such strength, have I not,
I look to the Father for such,
In Grace, my shield and sword.....

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Caged am I, in my folly and pride,
Hands seeking through sin's gates,
What is that beyond my reach? that light,
Unable to move in my helpless state.

Someone seeks me from across,
Hands grasped mine as I cried,
I would not let go, Never!! else I'm lost,
Held firm as my heart pounded inside.

What is this I felt?
Thankful? no, grateful? I cannot decide
His name came to my lips as I beheld,
Given in Grace, Christ my savior, for me He had died.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Thankful and Grateful

Thankful for the week,
Grateful for the days,
Honored for the friends I meet,
Joyful in all the ways.

Sunday, 1 December 2013


Water trickled down,
Faces drawn in silence,
Knees to the ground.

Hearts humbled, eyes closed,
Hearing the words spoken,
Within, their spirits roused.

Bold in their declaration,
Risen together in Christ,
A witness to their Baptism.

Amongst an audience for all to see,
For there is none more beautiful,
Then welcoming one into God's family.