Wednesday, 29 May 2013


A journey I took one day,
Never looking back, determined, on my way,
Lacking purpose, m
eaning, with nothing to say,
Walking through this life, wondering as I go,
Somewhere out there, that is all I know.

Yet, I was found one Easter,
Lost and lonely, at the door, ever closer,
Warmly greeted, alone, no not for a moment,
Such peace, never to be forgotten.

To be blessed, to be living,
Guided on my way, joy in knowing,
Lead me oh God, so that I may see,
My Savior, my Love, my King.

This life I live,
Precious is the gift,
For this I know, I would walk where HE leads,
Till the day, my sweet love, I meet.

Where would this journey lead,
Remembering once it was me who sought,
Now in turn it is I who greet,
For those who pass through this door,
That is what they would meet,
A life transformed, by my God, complete.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Life inspiring

Spoken, yet nothing heard,
Stumbling, as the mind worked,
To reach out and connect,
Failing to say the words.

Closer than once imagined,
Speechless, though I am writing,
Grateful for the chance,
In life, God my Father, inspiring!

Monday, 27 May 2013


Standing at the precipice of Life,
Defiance shown in the eyes,
But there is no turning back,
The choice to live or die.

Though I speak in spiritual,
Yet this choice be crucial,
Only God can save me,
For in myself, defenseless, utterly.

Broken again and again,
Within me, a crack, a flaw, a stain,
God, my potter fashioned me anew,
And in this life, in HIM I pursue.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Inspired by John 4:10

Eyes seen through covered scarf,
In the desert, begging for water I asked,
These eyes to the sky, I prayed,
Where fore is this water that last.

I thirst heavily, this I do,
I traveled for miles on a whispered clue,
Seeking this living water that I heard,
With that water, this pain I hoped to soothe.

A figure comes walking to me as I lay.......

Grace shown that I could never repay,
That is what I feel is coming this day,
The water I have hoped to drink,
It comes through the one walking to me today.........

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Dedicated to all Mothers

Carried in arms of love since birth,
Eyes that spoke volumes and worth,
Cared for with loving tenderness,
When sad, cheered us with such mirth.

That is the person whom we love,
One that we would always speak of,
Till the ends of our days,
To honor, respect, all these we must.

Always there for us, forever,
Though we may not always be together,
The thoughts of her are never far,
To remember all that she had done, our Mother.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

This life I live

Through the pavements of a field,
Pass corridors of hawkers selling meals,
Sunset on the horizon,
Night crept in, a thief to steal.

I stood waiting for the lift,
Watching the leaves fall and drift,
Looking at the school I once went,
Memories flood of teachers missed.

Where had all the time gone,
Chasing dreams many years long,
I stopped to ponder,
Feeling tired and worn.

In my mind's eye,
Surrounded by crows of the night sky,
Each a choice made in the past,
Of happiness, anger, love, lies.

Yet I speak out of turn,
Regret? no that is a bridge long burned,
I know not what the future holds,
Relying on what I had learned.

For this life I live,
Was never mine to begin with,
Head against the wall, making a promise,
To honor this life I had received.