Thursday, 31 January 2013

Inspired by Dr Han

Resolute through the storms,
A bastion from the cold,
Beneath burns a fire that warms,
A gathering for the weary soul,
Yearning for shelter,
Through it all,
We may fail and falter,
Yet deep within us,
In our hearts cherished and safe,
Grows a pure and simple truth,

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Inspired by our old church sanctuary

Unassuming, that is what it is,
Walking through pavements that lead to it,
Through glass doors that open unhindered,
To the peaceful vastness within.

Fingers outstretched through my sleeves,
As I stepped gently down the hall,
Feeling the weight of ages beneath.

My eyes looked to the beauty of it all,
Each and every pew that stand like guards,
Down the generations that poured their hearts.

The child whose father grew within these walls,
Now sings the songs the mother had taught,
I am humbled by these as I recall,
The honor of sharing this household of God.

I paused in front of the stage,
My eyes looked up at the Cross,
For there I am found and never again lost,
The clouds seen through glass panes,
Herald the majesty of the Lord,
For here is home and where my heart remains......

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Walk in Life

Wind in my face,
Cars in a jam,
Leaves falling in such grace,
Wondering to myself as I stand,
Where is God leading me?
A path I cannot yet see,
My heart would never let it be,
Though I will tell you this,
That no matter the road I take,
Through obstacles that come or cease,
I shall walk forever in the knowledge that HE is with me....

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Dedicated to Annabel Ng

In the darkest room over distant heights,
Even there, the smallest candle will light.

In the ever teeming bustle of life,
Even there, we will hold on to the hope that is Christ.

Like a child that reaches for her Father,
Even then, we will hold on to the everlasting promise!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Lord & Savior

In the depths of misery,
Striving to claw through mud and filth,
Hands reaching out to be free,
Seeking the life that never wilts,
Stretching, for the hand of my Savior,
Stretching, for the hand of my Lord,
Clawing, ever clawing towards a life that is greater,
Never straying from the path dearly bought,
To one day stand in the joy of my eternal God.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Procrastinating - topic given by Belicia Teo

Staring out the window,
Raindrops falling in a pattern,
Waiting beside a candle's glow,
Anticipating my father's return.

My books scattered in a mess,
The night draws close,
As I shiver from the cold no less,
Holding my blanket tight as I dozed.

Procrastinating on my work,
As I waited patiently....
A sound of a car, as my ears perked

My father came in,
I stretched my arms towards him,
And he carried me in his arms,
Drifting off to sleep,
All the night washed in a calm.