Monday, 12 November 2012

A meaningful life inspired by Isaac Tan

Hounded by the world's ideals,
Never questioning our choices,
Never asking why,
Till the final crossroads do we recognize....

Our spirits cry for meaning,
Our hearts yearn to be accepted,
What matters in this life?
Was it gone and wasted?
Through this one must strive....

For to live is to decide,
Are we for the norms of society....
Are we beyond reproach.....
Drifting across the world's ever changing mentality.

Yet you are never alone,
For your life is not your own,
When you walk, you walk with one other,
Though unlikely it would seem,
A new path will shine like a star, brightest gleam.....

Monday, 5 November 2012

Timeless Love

To love someone, that you can never see, 
To love someone, that you can never touch, 
The lonesome sadness in my heart, 
To think constantly of the person you love, 
Hoping your thoughts fly like the swiftest dove, 
Never knowing, always guessing,
The pain in my heart, oh how one longs caressing,
To be truthful and yet lost in one's thoughts,
Never fully awake, never fully asleep,
Time travels slowly like a rusted clock,
Her voice, the only joy my heart beats,
As the sun rises to a new day,
My eyes wander to the last of the sun's beautiful rays.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Inspired by Hebrews 10:23

Spirit Eternal, this we are,
Helpless in our fall,
Cruel to the life we lead,
Gone are our triumphs,
Swept beneath us the Liars.

Victory, spoken in the winds,
Undying Trust we must have,
As this ought be our ways,
For we art nobler,
Then all the stars we gaze.

Are we not God's Creation?
GO, for the promise HE has kept,
Stand again upon this new Life,
Do not be afraid,
For art thou the beloved of Christ!