Sunday, 26 August 2012

In Faith......

Faithful in the Word,
Faithful in Prayer,
Awaiting the coming we have heard.

Against the worlds voices and Lies,
To walk in the shadow of our Lord,
Humbly accepting the supremacy of Christ.

Young and old,
It matters not,
No one will be out in the cold,
As we walk the path HIS blood has bought.

In faith we placed our trust and Life,
Onto the Lord who gave us redemption,
To Love righteous in Christ,
Into the family through adopted acceptance.

For no matter our status or creed,
As we walk with the Lord, a seed.
To one day stand in the glory of God.

Friday, 17 August 2012

My church, my family

What naught does it take,
To be saddened by another,
Yet isn't it written for men's sake,
To love all saints, sisters and brothers,

Where a burden is to be shared,
Where one's life is not theirs entirely,
But onto Christ we are to declare,
A church.... a place....we can always be as a family.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Inspired by the life of Elder David

In my walk through this life,
I had stumbled, I had fall,
Always unsure, full of strife,
What does it mean!! I had cried,
Yet the answer was always the same,
But in the end it was myself I had lied.

To seek that which I can never see,
To seek that which I can never feel,
In my constant search, I could never let it be.

As I stared at the beauty of the evening clouds,
I wondered how this world could be,
Within me I battled with my conscious doubts.

Yet it has come to pass,
In Him I had placed my trust,
To walk with Him who in turn walks with us.

A new beginning to the old,
Brick by Brick, I sought to Build up,
A new life found in my eternal soul.

As it was for those who had found me,
I had began to Reach out,
For no matter the distance, land or sea,
For the glory of Him I will stand and shout.

Shackled and bound,
That is what this world seeks to do,
Yet my voice would continue to Pass down,
The hope, the joy, of knowing He who stands with you.