Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Thank you Jesus

So many ways to say this,
So many ways to write this,
Yet I am lost for words,
In my mind I am unworthy,
In my heart I am nobody,
Yet on this day of Christmas,
To my Lord and Savior,
I wish to say one thing,
Thank you, Christ Jesus.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Inspired by John 14:2

In my doubts, never once comforted,
Where comes my strength?
Where for my convictions?
Trapped, never to be free as a bird.

I looked each day to the horizons,
Marking time in my cage,
What is this life?
My sin, a curse that lies and burns.

Yet in my heart,
I shall put my trust in a promise,
There in the farthest skies,
Atop the highest clouds and domes,
Awaits the beauty of my eternal home......

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Inspired by the wedding of Gerard & Judith

Beauty in a sacred promise,
A life to another,
Humbled before HE,
A vow eternal, never to falter,
Grateful in acceptance,
Sworn faithful to each other,
A marriage consecrate,
Becoming not one but two,
Forever the finest work of art,
The best-est friend till death do part......

Monday, 12 November 2012

A meaningful life inspired by Isaac Tan

Hounded by the world's ideals,
Never questioning our choices,
Never asking why,
Till the final crossroads do we recognize....

Our spirits cry for meaning,
Our hearts yearn to be accepted,
What matters in this life?
Was it gone and wasted?
Through this one must strive....

For to live is to decide,
Are we for the norms of society....
Are we beyond reproach.....
Drifting across the world's ever changing mentality.

Yet you are never alone,
For your life is not your own,
When you walk, you walk with one other,
Though unlikely it would seem,
A new path will shine like a star, brightest gleam.....

Monday, 5 November 2012

Timeless Love

To love someone, that you can never see, 
To love someone, that you can never touch, 
The lonesome sadness in my heart, 
To think constantly of the person you love, 
Hoping your thoughts fly like the swiftest dove, 
Never knowing, always guessing,
The pain in my heart, oh how one longs caressing,
To be truthful and yet lost in one's thoughts,
Never fully awake, never fully asleep,
Time travels slowly like a rusted clock,
Her voice, the only joy my heart beats,
As the sun rises to a new day,
My eyes wander to the last of the sun's beautiful rays.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Inspired by Hebrews 10:23

Spirit Eternal, this we are,
Helpless in our fall,
Cruel to the life we lead,
Gone are our triumphs,
Swept beneath us the Liars.

Victory, spoken in the winds,
Undying Trust we must have,
As this ought be our ways,
For we art nobler,
Then all the stars we gaze.

Are we not God's Creation?
GO, for the promise HE has kept,
Stand again upon this new Life,
Do not be afraid,
For art thou the beloved of Christ!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Mei Nue

I heard over the grapevine,
A phrase, 2 brothers said,
I paused as I thought for a time,
Yet it made me chuckle in glee,
For she answers to the call of 'Mei Nue',
And as I part from her company,
She told me never to put this in poetry....

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Dedicated to Sarah & Celine Rosen

I stare up into the starless night,
Feeling small in this wide world,
My mind racing in flight.

Yet I am warmed by the thought,
That I am not alone,
In my fall am I caught.

My eyes roam the horizon,
My arms stretch ever seeking,
My smile wide as mountains.

For there is nothing like Family,
The joys of giving and sharing
All that is most precious to me.

For through them I have found,
The most glorious of love,
Ties that never break but bound.

And never shall it be said,
That in all the failings of this world,
A Family would ever forsake.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

An ode to Gong Cha inspired by Tabitha Lee

Lemon Kumquat....
Golden Ovaltine....
Any drink for more than a buck,
The place to be seen,
That is where LP gathers,
From the youths to the young adults,
No place we would rather.

The first I knew of this place,
Came from a youth named Tabby,
Wide eyed, angelic face,
As she looked to me.
Championing the cause like a star,
So let it always be said,
For no matter the distance how far,
That one would do most anything for "Gong Cha".

This cause deemed ever so worthy
Each drink that surprises each week,
One could never let it be,
To those that ask for a treat,
Making deals to buy them cheap,
As my ears heard one speak
"All the things I do to get drinks free"
I be thinking this is so wrong don't you see
For this I look to the person and lament,
Crying to that Champion "Please Repent"!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A haiku inspired by JiaEn

Hunger and Strife,
Through each yearning of men,
Seeking that true Life.

If men alone perform it,
For that is this world.

Yet possible,
For through God can this be so,
No more obstacles.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Dedicated to Gerard & Judith

Through this Life we call our own,
Through the trials and hardships we face each day,
In our walk we are sometimes so alone,
Among friends yet wondering what to say.

To have that special someone,
Where Love holds a meaning,
The person we long to see, long to run,
A treasure to start a new beginning.

A life together, blessed by HE who loved us first,
No longer one but two, where in HIM they shall rest,
For Love is patient, Love is kind, this the gospel had versed,
Entwined forever in the arms of HE who loved us best.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

In Faith......

Faithful in the Word,
Faithful in Prayer,
Awaiting the coming we have heard.

Against the worlds voices and Lies,
To walk in the shadow of our Lord,
Humbly accepting the supremacy of Christ.

Young and old,
It matters not,
No one will be out in the cold,
As we walk the path HIS blood has bought.

In faith we placed our trust and Life,
Onto the Lord who gave us redemption,
To Love righteous in Christ,
Into the family through adopted acceptance.

For no matter our status or creed,
As we walk with the Lord,
Planted...Loved...Watered...as a seed.
To one day stand in the glory of God.

Friday, 17 August 2012

My church, my family

What naught does it take,
To be saddened by another,
Yet isn't it written for men's sake,
To love all saints, sisters and brothers,

Where a burden is to be shared,
Where one's life is not theirs entirely,
But onto Christ we are to declare,
A church.... a place....we can always be as a family.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Inspired by the life of Elder David

In my walk through this life,
I had stumbled, I had fall,
Always unsure, full of strife,
What does it mean!! I had cried,
Yet the answer was always the same,
But in the end it was myself I had lied.

To seek that which I can never see,
To seek that which I can never feel,
In my constant search, I could never let it be.

As I stared at the beauty of the evening clouds,
I wondered how this world could be,
Within me I battled with my conscious doubts.

Yet it has come to pass,
In Him I had placed my trust,
To walk with Him who in turn walks with us.

A new beginning to the old,
Brick by Brick, I sought to Build up,
A new life found in my eternal soul.

As it was for those who had found me,
I had began to Reach out,
For no matter the distance, land or sea,
For the glory of Him I will stand and shout.

Shackled and bound,
That is what this world seeks to do,
Yet my voice would continue to Pass down,
The hope, the joy, of knowing He who stands with you. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Created anew......

Broken and battered I stand before you,
My soul bleeds open where only HE can see,
This void I cannot fathom n'er a clue,
Oh how it pains me till I fell on my knees,
Tears run down me like the crisp morning dew,
Yet the Lord has saved me,
Anguished am I at the world so cruel,
He forgave my sins and led me true,
Reconciled at the cross, blameless in HIS eyes,
I now walk again, created anew.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

In gratitude to Living Praise

Given without asking,
Sharing without reservation,
Head bowed full of questions,
For I am grateful,
Joy in knowing ye who are faithful,
To each and everyone whom I have come to know,
The seeds of friendship has been sown,
As bright as the sky is blue,
I wish to say this,
Thank you.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Blissful Ignorance

Lost within my unquiet thoughts, 
Loud voices as in a discordant choir, 
Running, always running as I stumble through the rocks, 
Uncertainty creeps in as my mind conspire, 
Seeking, always seeking the prize most sought, 
What is life!!?? I dare ask, 
In my defiance I ran through in a rush, 
Pass all the joys and pains in my lifetime, 
Have I been afraid? have I been blind? 
Questions, my ever constant companion, 
Decisions, the act so sublime, 
The choice, one that must be made regardless the action, 
For a day will come a reckon, 
Where i would answer for my blissful ignorance......